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Daniela Mannucci

Transformational Mentoring


  • Transformational Mentoring

  • Clear Beliefs Coaching

  • Inner Selves Conflict Resolution

  • Inner Child Compassionate Dialoguing

  • Applied Bilateral Stimulation

  • Mind/Body Wellness

  • Guided Auto Suggestion at a Subconscious Level


Since her early 20’s, Daniela has been a seeker of deeper truths and
passionately committed to mentoring those trapped in an identity corrupted by
past pain that has compromised and sabotaged their victories. The awakening
of their self-love will radiate brilliance into their life, their relationships and their

Daniela created the Cinderella Effect, a 7-step healing programme to assist
those who have had a difficult beginning and continue to suffer no matter how
successful they have become.

She became inspired to help those who struggle deep down with unworthiness
issues and the inability to connect with their core essence.

Through her own healing process, she realised that unless we were willing to
embrace every aspect of ourselves through our own duality, we would
unconsciously sabotage aspects of our lives, careers and relationships.

Work Experience

Daniela has lived in London U.K. and Genova, Italy working in private clinics
using a mind/body medicine approach and peak performance protocols. Some
of the most significant and meaningful work she did was with individuals within
the entertainment industry. These people needed to be at the top of their game
whilst recovering from various forms of addictions.

She then became part of a team within the Head & Neck division in Surgical
Oncology at the National Cancer Institute in Genova, Italy (Istituto Nazionale per
la ricerca sul Cancro ‘IST’). Daniela became passionate about helping people
realise that the change that they searched for was truly an ‘inside’ job.

During this time Daniela’s main focus was on core belief restructuring at the
core of the psyche and how limiting beliefs affected every area of our
consciousness. As she continued her studies with mentor Georges Philips’s,
Daniela reworked the UK pocket size book on the alchemy of language, Neuro-
Linguistic Programming (PNL) and created the Italian edition of ‘Antidoti Verbali’.

Antidoti Verbali aims at bringing readers into direct conscious awareness of how
we communicate internally and with the world around us by the words we chose
to use; we become aware of the positive/negative and
empowering/disempowering effects words can have on our behaviour, our
physiology and the results we attain or fail to attain.

Daniela moved back to the US from Italy where she now lives and works in
beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Her core focus is furthering her own transformational
journey of consciousness and awakening. Through that journey, helping others
from all walks of life turn the deceptive inner patterns that hammer and sabotage
their every effort for happiness into embracing the connection with their
nurturing and compassionate Self.

Education & Background


  • Associate Member – The Institute of Analytical & Creative Thinking, London, UK. 2006-12

  • Associate Member – The Association of Analytical & Cognitive Therapists, London, United Kingdom. 2006-12.

  • Associate Member of The Governing Body of Italian National Board of Certified
    Counsellors – (Coordinamento Nazionale dei Counsellor Professionisti – CNCP). 2008 to date.



  • Analytical & Psychotherapeutic Counselling
    International College of Eclectic Therapies, London, United Kingdom

  • Voice Dialogue & the study of the Primary Selves – Palo Alto, California

  • Peak Performance Training & NLP – Robbins Research Foundation,
    San Francisco, California

  • Analytical Hypnotherapy, International College of Eclectic Therapies,
    London, United Kingdom

  • Creative Psychotherapeutic Counselling, International College of Eclectic Therapies, London, United Kingdom

  • Inner Bonding and healing the Inner Child & creating the Loving Adult Self

  • Applying Sacred Guidance in Business – ‘The True Purpose Institute’, California, USA

  • Clear Beliefs Process – Clearing Unconscious Core Beliefs from the Core
    of the Psyche Training – Lion Goodman

  • The Body Wisdom Process – Clearing Somatic Trauma from the body – Lion Goodman

  • Dialoguing and Listening to ‘The Core Beliefs of the Parts/The Selves’ –
    Lion Goodman

  • Financial Spiritual Alchemy Training – Bali, Indonesia

  • A 5 Step Model for Working with Trauma Peter Levine, PhD Nicabm – The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine,

  • Working with Core Beliefs of Never Good Enough – ‘Healing Deeply Internalised Judgement’ with Ruth Buczynski, PhD; Steven Hayes PhD;
    Ron Siegel, PhD; Kelly McGonigal, PhD; and Joan Borysenko, PhD –
    National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine, USA

  • Inner Harmony – working with the many Selves, Shadow Selves & Our Own Polarisations – The Shift Network & The True Purpose Institute

  • Advanced Clear Beliefs Training Programme – Lion Goodman, California USA

  • Part I – Accelerated Quantum Healing Self-Mastery Programme –
    Ron Damico, Transformational Catalyst, Connecticut & Sedona USA

  • Part II – Accelerated Quantum Healing Self-Mastery Programme;
    Ron Damico, Transformational Catalyst, Connecticut & Sedona USA

  • Part III – Accelerated Quantum Healing Self-Mastery Programme;
    Ron Damico, Transformational Catalyst, Connecticut &
    Sedona USA

  • Intention Essentials with Lynne McTaggart, Sedona, USA


Publications and Scientific Presentations

  • Antidoti Verbali. Publication of the Italian version of “Antidoti Verbali”, Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) – How deeply our choice of words and our language patterns affect our feelings, our behaviours and our physiology. Jan 1, 2010

  • D.Mannucci, G. Ferlazzo, G. Margarino, P. Mereu, M.Scala, S. Zaky; National Cancer Institute – Genova-Italy, Laboratory of experimental oncology, Department of Oncology, Biology and Genetics, University of Genova-Italy -A Psycho-Neuro-Immunologic Protocol for Treatment of head and neck malignant squamous cells carcinoma (SCC) · 2008

  • Mind Body Medicine – Cancer and llness. Magazine Cancer Prevention · Oct 1, 2006Magazine Cancer Prevention · Oct 1, 2006

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