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I hesitate to write even the first word of how I feel about Tribe, Dr. Watson, and each and every member of her team. I feel it's like when you try to take a photograph of that giant harvest moon and want to share the result... it pales infinitesimally and appears unjustly diminutive to the original. Always.

For decades I have been able to point in the general direction of the source of my PTSD, but I have never been able to actually identify it, embrace it, and shift my ability to work through it and find better outcomes. Over the last two decades especially, I have allowed those past experiences and pains to determine and control my reaction to others, thereby losing my power; I've made bad choices, and ultimately suffered repetitive job losses.

Looking now towards the later years of my career, I felt hopeless, depressed, and like I was a failure. I got to the point where I did not just want change but I HAD to change. I was ready to dedicate myself to the work I needed to do...note- this is an imperative for anyone to get better no matter what the treatment might be.

In this case, the blanket woven together of comprehensive and various modalities at Tribe was the ultimate solution. This does not exist anywhere. A cohesive tribe where all the providers are collaborating and meeting in between your sessions to uniquely tailor the best of what they each offer to hone your care to best of what is available anywhere feels divinely inspired. All of the various treatments then seemed to sink in and melt into my very being with the ketamine treatments. The loving care, feeling of safety, peace and enlightenment that I experienced throughout the entire time at Tribe remains with me today. I am happier than I have ever been in a job surrounded by people that respect and value my work and I no longer overreact nor take things personally, but instead feel compassion towards others in those situations. This allows me to remain strong, productive and be the person that is providing the solutions and the answers and helping the work and team feel motivated and joyful working together.

Thank you TRIBE!!!
I love you all!


Dr. Mary Watson is the finest therapist I have ever had the pleasure to speak with. Her wisdom, areas of expertise, and her discernment, have been more helpful than I can express here. This community is very lucky to have the Tribe Wellness practice here.


I am so grateful for the care I've received at Tribe. I'd been in therapy for complex PTSD and life-long substance abuse and alcoholism for nearly 10 years before I moved to Arizona. I had made significant progress, but my body lagged far behind, and I often struggled to stay sober because my cPTSD symptoms of anxiety, hypervigilance, depression, and physical pain were frequently intolerable. I had a few years sober before I arrived at Tribe, but I was struggling. Dr. Watson prescribed KAP (ketamine assisted psychotherapy) and I feel more "normal" than I have ever felt in my life! I sleep better now than I have ever slept... I fall asleep easily, I no longer have nightmares or night terrors, and I wake up in the morning feeling well-rested. My anxiety has decreased tremendously, I'm not so easily triggered, and most unexpectedly, the widespread, overall body pain I experienced for many years has virtually disappeared. I am now able to garden, do yoga, and hike whenever I want, not just when I can muster the energy to do it. All staff members are kind, professional, and genuinely caring people. I was initially nervous to start the KAP sessions, but quickly learned that the Tribe team takes good care of their patients. I was NEVER left alone during the sessions, not for one second; the doctor or nurse practitioner, often my counselor, too, were always by my side, monitoring my vitals, reassuring me, and making me feel safe and comfortable, literally holding my hand if I asked them. I feel like I've been released from a prison. Before KAP, my cPTSD symptoms ruled my life, affecting practically everything about me... how I perceived myself and others, my relationships, my feelings, my sleep, my actions. I no longer blame myself for the traumas inflicted on me by others, I have released long-held resentments, and I've grown to see myself and others with more compassion. I can honestly say that I am happily sober, which is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you, everyone at Tribe!


Dear Dr. Watson
I wanted to thank you and congratulate you on your professionalism in running your clinic. You have helped so many people… especially me. You take the time to explain how the ketamine heals and cleans the dendrites and how the brain functions. I see the world in a completely new light since my first Ketamine Infusion. I no longer have suicidal thoughts. You are so kind and attentive during administration. Holding my hand keeps me in a safe zone. Your whole staff treats me like family. After all… we are a tribe of women helping those who desperately need your expertise in healing the brain and bringing the mind back into a peaceful place.
Love is the key. From the time I enter your door, I feel nothing but love.
You are awesome and saving so many lives. Thank you
Forever grateful


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